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    Natural Chocolate 3 Layered Soap Bar 


    Stephenson Melt and Pour Opaque Soap Base x 1 Tub
    •Stephenson Melt and Pour Translucent Soap Base x 1 Tub
    •Cocoa Powder
    •1 Loaf Soap Mould
    •2 Microwave Safe Jugs
    •Soap Safe Fragrance Oil
    •Large Knife
    •Isopropyl Alcohol
    •Bamboo Skewer

    Step One 

    Layer One -

    • Cut 500 grams translucent soap base into little cubes, melt in the microwave (use the butter       melt settings to ensure that you don’t burn) at 30 second intervals.

    •Stir occasionally don't over stir as this will cause air bubbles.
    •Melt all the way through.

    Step two


    • Next - Mix together 2 teaspoons of cocoa powder to a small quantity of melted soap base, then combine with rest of the melted soap base (ensures a smoother chocolaty paste)

    • Add your fragrance approx 2.5mls

    • Pour into our log mould and spritz soap layer with Isopropyl Alcohol.
    Step Three
    Layer Two -

    • Once set repeat steps for layers two and three using opaque soap base.

    (Not Spitzed with Isopropyl – air bubbles)

    • Note: before pouring layers two and three spritz the set layer with Isopropyl Alcohol.

    (Spitzed with Isopropyl – no air bubbles)

    • Middle layer use 1  and a half teaspoons of cocoa powder.

    Final layer use only half a teaspoon of cocoa powde

    Step four

    • To add a swirl effect, after spritzing the 3rd layer drizzle in a small amount of melted translucent soap base which has been combined with cocoa powder, into the soap base and using a  bamboo  skewer create a swirl pattern.

    • Leave to set. Once completely dry take out and cut your soap.

    I hope you enjoyed this soap making tutorial with Candle Supply! Stay tuned for more!