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Bath Salts Australia: The Ultimate Relaxation Gift

With so many bath and body products on the market, why would you make your own? Well, for starters, it’s nice to know what’s in the products you’re putting on your skin. If you’re mixing your own bath salts Australian made, and moisturisers, you have a better idea of what fragrance oils and additives are going into them, and skip additives you don’t like. You can also customise them to be just what you want. The consistency you like, your favourite fragrance oils, the quantities you want…. Plus, you can create diy bath products to sell, or even make lovely gifts! Just pop them into little jars, tie on a ribbon and give friends and family the gift of relaxation.

Bath Crystals

There’s nothing more luxurious and soothing than a long, hot bath - preferably with a glass of wine in hand. But the perfect bath requires more than just hot water and a bit of quiet time. A handful of diy bath salts is the finishing touch on your dream soak.

As well as making a bath more fragrant and enjoyable, bath salts Australia are said to have various health benefits, including detoxing, weight loss, reducing bruising and pain relief.

DIY Bath Salts: How To Make DIY Bath Salts

It’s surprisingly easy to create your own bath salts, and here at Candle Supply we have everything you need to get started. First choose your base salt. We offer epsom bath salts (magnesium sulphate), which are said to have the most medical benefits; and Himalayan pink salt, as a fine grind, which is good for drawing out toxins, and Himalayan crystal bath salt, which is good as a scrub.

Then choose one of our many skin safe fragrance oils wholesale and mix a few drops into the salt (no more than 3 per cent oil to salt). Toss a few handfuls into the bath as the tap is running and sink in. Or, to use as a body scrub, add a little base oil such as coconut or olive, and rub over your body in circular motions.

How To Make Fragrance Oils For Lotion

If you also want to make your own moisturisers, choose your favourite skin safe fragrance oils, and mix a few drops into a sorbolene-type unfragranced moisturiser. Again, make sure to use no more than 3 per cent oil to cream, and always test it on your skin.

If you want a before-bed moisturiser, try lavender oil. For a massage cream, you might want amber romance oil. For a morning pick me up, add coconut and mandarin oil to your moisturiser. You can create a whole range for any occasion!

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