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    Candle Supply has a great range of high quality Seamless Tins, the seamless travel tins come from our own moulds and as a added safety precaution the Raised Bottom of these containers keeps a cusion of air beneath the Container reducing direct heat to the surface that the travel candle is sitting on.

    • The solid lids have a Raised Top and fit snuggly one on top of each other when packed on shelves and this will reduce scratching. 
    • The raised lid makes it easy to add a label 

    The aluminium Screw top aluminium tins are a great addition to our range, very classy and are being used for candles, bath salts and lotions

    All New! ***** Now we also have Heart Shape Seamless Tins in six  great colour combinations with the same quality finish and safety design features using our own moulds

    Just arrived! Two new colours for our standard tins, Matt White and Matt Black available in all four sizes!