Perfumers Pallet

    You like the latest trends, but you would still like to build your own style.

    Why should your fragrance be any different? Show your creative side…Build your own experience…develop your own signature fragrance collection for your candle & body care creations.

    Professional perfumers have at their disposal approximately 3000 ingredients – one single fragrance can contain up to 300 ingredients.To simplify the process, we have created 12 master perfumer bases, designed with the lastest trend notes available. Giving you control to design your own finished candle or body care fragrance.

    Like a good story, a well-designed fragrance needs a start, middle and an end. Consequently most fragrances are a mixture of TOP notes which will provide initial impact, MIDDLE notes which will give in-use character and END notes which provide long lasting performance.

    Whether you’re making candles or your own body care products you have now the opportunity make your own personal creation with some of the bases that a perfumer will use to make finished fragrance oil. We’ve simplified the pallet making it safe, easy to use, and hard to “mess-up”! 

    All our fragrances are made to IFRA standards and are Phthalate free.