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    Wood Wicks

    Enjoy the sounds of wood crackling using our clean burning new Wood Wicks

    The perfect Wood wick combination is easy to select as the heat of the flame can be increased or decreased by varying the width based on your test burn results.
    The ideal exposed height of the wick is 6-8mm and when filling pour wax over wick to make initial lighting easier
    Precision Clip keeps wick rigid during filling no need to recenter or straighten.
    You may use 1 wood wick or, if the flame is too small, 2 wood wicks.
    The first wood wick creates the burn pool the second controls the flame size.
    Two wicks may be needed to achieve the ideal flame size for a particular application. Two wicks will increase the liquid wax supply for combustion. Mixing 2 different wick widths is sometimes helpful to dial in the ideal performance.
    • 100 % natural. No chemical Treatments. 
    • Not Glued
    • Efficiently burns in all waxes, soy, palm, paraffin and soy/paraffin blends

    Order Precision Clips seperately as they are not packed with Wood Wicks

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