Candle Making

    The Largest Range of Natural Candle Making Supplies In Australia

    Candle Making is a great activity for the soul. At Candle Supply, we strive to make this easy for you with our wide range of natural candle ingredients. There are many reasons that people may take up candle making including:

    • A fun recreational hobby.
    • Creating extra income
    • Develop and grow a small business
    • Add additional ambience to your environment using your creative skills

    Regardless why you have decided to take up candle making, we feel we must give you this important warning:

    IT'S FUN

    Looking For Natural Candle Supplies In Sydney And Melbourne? Choose The Best In Australia At Candle Supply

    In the candle making industry today, there is a desire for natural products. Those who are candle making hobbyists or have their own businesses as candle makers can choose from a variety of natural candle supplies from Candle Supply. The online store in Australia has a wide range of products including waxes, fragrance oils, wicks, candle glass, packaging, and much, much more. Shoppers will be amazed at the selection as well as the wholesale pricing. There are plenty of choices for the most experienced candle maker all the way down to the beginner.

    The Development Of Candle Making

    Candle making began as early as 500 B.C. when the ancient Romans began making candles from animal fats. Even though oil lamps were used for nighttime illumination, candles were still popular especially as gifts during celebrations such as Saturnalia, a festival honouring Saturn. In other areas of the world, candle making was popular too. The ancient Chinese made candles from whale fat as early as 259 B.C. There is some evidence that the Chinese also began to make candles from beeswax somewhere around 40 B.C.

    Candle making was important during the Middle Ages and spread to the New World, including what would become America. When paraffin wax became widely available, the manufacture of candles increased greatly. That demand for candles, of course, waned with the invention of the light bulb near the end of the 1800s. Candle making today is done more for decorative purposes and making your own candles is a popular hobby.

    Natural Candle Supplies In Sydney At Candle Supply

    Hobbyists and those who are candle makers can find all of the natural candle supplies that they need online at Candle Supply. The store can be found at and supplies are shipped all over Australia right from the company warehouse in Sydney. Customers can spend hours browsing the extensive catalogue of products. All Candle Supply products are of the highest quality so that customers can make their own high quality candles. The number of products available also lets customers be creative and try new things when making candles. While the staff at Candle Supply can offer some guidance, it is up to the customer to try their own formulations and make their own candles.

    Navigating the website if very easy and user friendly. Customers are able to place their orders and pay for them using most any major credit card. The entire transaction is secure. Candle Supply ships to Melbourne, Perth, the Outback, or anywhere in the country. Shipping normally takes about five to ten days.

    Friendly Service At Candle Supply

    Customers enjoy the easy experience while shopping the Candle Supply online store. If a customer ever does need a staff member, they are very friendly and easy to contact. Customers with questions about natural candle supplies in Melbourne, for example, can call the company (+61 2 8757 3764) or they can enquire online by clicking the Contact tab on the company website. Great prices, great products, and outstanding service are all part of the Candle Supply experience.

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