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Please note that our Showroom and Warehouse will be closed this Thursday for the ANZAC day public holiday
Please note that our Showroom and Warehouse will be closed this Thursday for the ANZAC day public holiday
Scented Impression

Scented Impression

Scented impression

Fragrances have a power more than words. They are the unseen first impression. 

I believe everyone has its own scent. I use my perfume or home fragrances “candles” as an accessory, just like a pair of earrings, necklace, or a nice piece of home furnishing. It’s a powerful way of sharing your character as a person and/or your thoughts.

I believe finding your signature scent is finding yourself, finding your character, your style and showing this to all those that engage with you.

What ever you choose, choose it carefully that will reflect your authentic self through your scent and fragrance. Leaving that scented impression. 

Keep in mind, How your scent sits on you, on your body becomes your own personal brand your own reputation, it will direct people’s minds that will pull you away from a crowd and highlight as your shinning feature and point of difference.

Smelling good is not a generic trait, its what we choose and create for ourselves.

"Scent is our own story and how we choose to tell it"


The Candle Chef 



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