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Coloured Sand Wax Candles

Coloured Sand Wax Candles

Coloured Sand Wax – All natural palm wax for your last minute dinner parties and functions. Under a minute to make one candle.

Pour sand coloured wax into a candle safe jar, add a wick one size smaller to the diameter of your jar and light. You can make a candle under a minute

It's how quick and easy no need to let it set. After your party or function, just take the melted wax layer of the top of the candle, top up the wax, trim the wick put it back to the jar and relight when you next need it. That's how simple to make this unscented candle. If you need fragrance add a few drops on top of the wax, don't recommend mixing the fragrance in the wax.  

Geoff Blanc
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