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Please note that our Showroom and Warehouse will be closed this Thursday for the ANZAC day public holiday
Please note that our Showroom and Warehouse will be closed this Thursday for the ANZAC day public holiday
Aloe Vera Soap Making: How to Make Your own Aloe Vera Soap Bar at Home.

Aloe Vera Soap Making: How to Make Your own Aloe Vera Soap Bar at Home.

Who doesn't want to smell fresh and reward the skin with essential and natural ingredients? With so much talk about clean bath products, we are constantly looking at the packaging to check the ingredients used in our soap. 

But what if we told you soap could be made at home without harmful chemicals? Feel natural freshness with Aloe Vera, a natural resource that upticks every beauty quality. You may wonder that the soap-making process must be arduous, but trust us, it is fun and worthy of your effort. 

Benefits of Aloe Vera Soap

  • It is suitable for glowing and unblemished skin.
  • The soap can soothe sunburned skin.
  • It can help prevent inflammation and acne breakout, and continuous usage will brighten the skin.

Steps to Make Aloe Vera Bar Soap Manufacturing Process
    • Cust the melt, pour soap bases into small pieces, and collect them in a bowl. Our Crystal aloe vera Melt and pour soap solvent is perfect for making beauty bars without any other special equipment. We ensure that this soap base is free from sulfate. 
    • You must melt the aloe vera soap base using a double boiler on a medium gas flame. Or for small quantities use the microwave to melt the soap base in a microwave safe jar.
    • Stir the soap base until it turns liquid with a reusable soap stirrer. 
    • Add some essential oils to the liquid base as per your choice. We have a host of essential oils available such as Tea tree, Peppermint Aventis, Lemon, Lemongrass, and many more. 
    • Now it is time to pour some fragrance oils. You can pick anything from our collections, such as Acai Palm Aloe fragrance oil. 
    • Pour the liquid into silicon moulds and let it settle there for several hours.(melt and pour soap base doesn't need to be kept for 24 hours once its sets the soap can be used.)
    • Place the mould upside down, remove the soap bars, and restore them in an airtight container. Use the soap bars in your daily routine.

    To conclude, your organic and anti-inflammatory aloe vera soaps are ready to use. You can have them for personal use or as a gift to your friends and family. Having this DIY soap-making at home is an exciting activity. 

    We can assure you that you will not be using any other soap in the future. All soap-making supplies and ingredients are available on our website:

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