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    Everything You Need to Know About Melt and Pour Soap Bases and Other Soap Making Supplies in Australia

    The melt and pour process is the trendy new way to make soap in Australia, and it's incredibly simple to learn and satisfying to master. Your options are virtually unlimited when it comes to personalising your soap, and unlike other soap making methods, you don't need to know anything about chemical reactions, nor do you need to spend a lot of money to get started. The Australian-owned online marketplace Candle Supply has recently partnered with Stephensons Personal Care UK to bring a variety of high-quality melt and pour soap products to the Australian market, so if you want to expand your Australian business or simply start making soaps for personal use, Candle Supply makes it easy.

    What is a Melt and Pour Soap Base?

    Melt and pour soap bases are essentially blank slates. One good analogy is that melt and pour soap is like using a box of cake mix (just add eggs and water) while cold press soap is akin to measuring and mixing the flour, sugar and all the other ingredients for the cake.

    Why Use Melt and Pour Soap?

    Many people love using a melt and pour soap base in Australia because of its simplicity. At its rawest form, soap is just the saponification of lye (a dangerous chemical on its own) and oil. When using the cold press method, you have to handle that lye and then go through the complicated process of saponification, whereas melt and pour bases have already gone through the process. All it takes to make melt and pour soap is a microwave or stove, some fragrance or essential oils, colourants (such as oxides, pigments, and clay), and a plastic mould. From there, your options are limitless as you decide how to mix the bases, fragrances, colours and moulds to create a unique soap that is totally yours.

    Working with Candle Supply

    As mentioned, we are an Australia owned and operated online marketplace. We sell everything you need to make and enjoy your own candles, and we have now started to expand into the world of melt and pour soap making supplies. We only source the highest quality products, which means we bring you items from all over the world to use in your creations, and you can trust us always to have the best products at the right time for the best price. Our customer service team is top-notch, and we're very passionate about candle and soap making, so don't hesitate to ask us any questions that you may have.