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    Wood Wick - No 3 - 10mmW x 150mmL

    Wood Wick - No 3 - Pack of 10  (Pack does not inc Precision clips)

    • 100 % natural. No Chemical Treatments.

    • NOT Laminated. 

    • Not Glued 

    • Burns Efficiently in all waxes

    Size: 10mmW x 150mmL

    Product Name Per mmLPackof Price Qty
    Wood Wick - No 3 - 10mmW x 150mmL - Pack of 10 $0.53
    Wood Wick - No 3 - 10mmW x 150mmL - Pack of 50 $0.43
    Wood Wick - No 3 - 10mmW x 150mmL - Pack of 100 $0.31
    Wood Wick - No 3 - 10mmW x 150mmL - Pack of 500 $0.29
    Wood Wick - No 3 - 10mmW x 150mmL - Pack of 1000 $0.25

    Product Description

    • Burns Clean
    • Has Excellent Hot Throw
    • No Wick Trimming between burn cycles
    • Is Manufacturing Friendly
    • High Tolerance to Wax Formulation Variations
    • Extinguishes quickly

    We recommend using two wicks to achieve the ideal flame size for a particular application. Two wicks will increase the liquid wax supply for combustion. Mixing 2 different wick widths is also a great way of achieving the ideal performance, as it allows you to fine tune the wick sizing.

    How To Use

     How to manufacture candles using Wood Wicks

    • Pour wax over top of wood when filling container to provide fuel for first burn.
    • Wood wicks burn the best when the candle is manufactured with a flat top.
    • Wood wicks work best when candle is completely cool before burning.
    • When manufacturing a candle it is best to have 6mm of wood above the wax to start.
    • You may use 1 wood wick or, if the flame is too small, 2 wood wicks.
    • For 2 wicks you may use any combination of sizes.
    • The first wood wick creates the burn pool the second controls the flame size.
    • Use a paper clip or similar device to hold 2 wicks together until wax is cooled.
    • No wick trimming necessary

     Basic suggested wood wick guide for containers

    45mm Dia. 2 x No2 wicks or 1 x No3
    60mm Dia. 2 x No3 wicks or 1 x No4
    75mm Dia. 2 x No4 wicks or 1 x No5
    80mm Dia. 2 x No5 wicks or 1 x No6

    For 2 wicks you can use any combination of sizes

    All suggestions are only starting points for your test burning Research & Development. All candle wick selections must be thoroughly test burned from start of life to end of life for safest evaluation. There is no substitute for thorough test burning due to the many unpredictable natural variations in all of the components and formulas possible in candle manufacturing. CS accepts no liability or responsibility in their customer’s wick selection. It is solely the responsibility of CS customers to choose the correct wick for their candle.


    Q: Are the woodwicks an all-natural candle wick?
    A: Yes; It is harvested from renewable forests and manufactured with an all-natural process.

    Q: How do woodwicks perform in a candle?
    A: Wax liquifies very quickly due to their large burning surface area.

    Q: Do woodwicks work in different kinds of waxes and blends?
    A: Yes, through careful test burning by increasing or decreasing widths, our woodwicks performed extremely well in soy, palm, slack wax, refined paraffin, and all combinations.

    Q: Do you have to trim woodwicks?
    A: No. When properly sized for the candle, the wick burns itself up at the same rate that the candle is consumed.

    Q: Do woodwicks smoke and soot when blown out?
    A: No. When properly sized for the candle, the wick always extinguishes itself very quickly when blown out.


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    • From Lucy at 26/05/2016 9:56 pm
      • Hi,
        I would love to know what wood is used for the wicks :)
        Thanks x
      • Hi Lucy. They are made in the US the wood is all natural and not treated they do not disclose what wood they use. CS
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