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    The Best Place to Find Soap Making Equipment in Australia is Candle Supply

    While our name suggests we are simply experts in the candle-making world, we are also very passionate about making soap and now import from Stephensons Personal Care UK to ensure that we – and you – have access to the best soap making products and equipment in the world. We focus on melt and pour soap making, which has been gaining popularity all over the world thanks to its simplicity and versatility. If you aren't familiar with the term, melt and pour soap is a block of generic, fragrance-free soap that you melt down and then mix with your colours and fragrances before pouring it into a mould. It's a fun process that you can utilise for business or personal gain, and it's incredibly affordable to get started when you get your soap making equipment from Candle Supply in Australia.

    Available Melt and Pour Soap Bases

    This is the most important ingredient in the melt and pour soap making process. The three basic bases are transparent, opaque or clear, while speciality bases could include goats’ milk, suspended particles, olive oil, shea butter, and more. No matter what, the base makes up the "melt" phase of melt and pour, so it's essential equipment.

    Natural Fragrances

    Fragrances come in two basic categories – synthetic or natural. This is what makes your soap smell the way you want it to. Natural fragrances are what many people commonly call "essential oils," and there are so many to choose from (and even combine) that it's hard to run out of options.

    A Rainbow of Colours

    Now that you've decided how you want your soap to smell, you have to decide how you want it to look. Both the colour that you use and the mould have a big impact on this. Candle Supply specialises in liquid soap dye, a safe and affordable way to colour your soap. We have everything from black, which you could mix with a more masculine or sensual fragrance, to coral green, which you could use with a breezy, beach fragrance.

    Amazing Moulds

    When it comes to moulds, your options are once again endless. Whether you're looking to make a simple block for your black, sensual soap or want to create a palm tree for your coral green beach soap, you can make anything your heart desires. You can even spell things in your soap or make your soap into a multi-coloured orb – it's all up to you!

    Contact Us if You Need Soap Making Equipment in Australia

    Candle Supply would love to be your go-to resource in Australia for all the soap making products that you need, and we have the stock and expertise to make that happen. If you have any questions or simply want to browse through our products, don't hesitate to visit our website or get in contact with us at your earliest convenience. We're sure you'll love what you find.