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    Stephenson Melt and pour soap is easy to make and most of the items you need you will find at home.

    Here's what you need to get started Melt and Pour Soap base of your choice

    • Soap safe fragrance oil - Most of Candle Supply fragrances are safe - check More info in the fragrance page to be sure.
    • Liquid Soap Colour Soap Safe colour Molds - any silicon or soap molds shapes will work well Microwave or stovetop
    • Double Boiler
    • Aluminum Pouring Pot
    • Wooden Soap Stirrers or any clean utensil
    • Plastic or glass microwavable container
    • Small glass container for measuring fragrance
    • Digital Scales
    • Isopropyl Alcohol spray
    • Cutting board or silicon soap mat or solid cutting surface soap cutter can be used for cutting your soap

    Alternatively, Candle Supply melt and pour soap making kit is an easy way to get started!