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Please note that our Showroom and Warehouse will be closed this Thursday for the ANZAC day public holiday
Please note that our Showroom and Warehouse will be closed this Thursday for the ANZAC day public holiday

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Candle Making Guide

A good quality Wax is essential when creating a great candles and there are some really simple tips and tricks which will help along the way.

Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions about wax

How to Pour the Perfect Candle with NatureWax®

What is your most popular wax?
What additives does NatureWax C3 have?
What is the difference between Nature Wax C1 and Nature Wax C3?
Is Nature Wax in a block or flakes?
Can I use NatureWax C3 for making melts?
How do I melt my wax?
What temperature should I melt the C3 wax to?
How do I know how much wax to use?
Can I melt my wax in the microwave?
What temperature should I heat my C3 AND C6 wax to?
What temperature should I heat my C1 wax to?

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Selecting the right Wick can be quite involved for the first time candle maker, which is why we provide a comprehensive wick guide, which indicates our recommended wick for all our candle containers based on Naturewax C3 Soy Wax and 8% Fragrance loading. Please note if you are using different wax or fragrance loads then take our recommendation as a starting point for your testing

As mentioned above, there are multiple factors to consider when selecting the correct wick size, is it certainly no a "one size fits a'' situation, the key is having a good staring point and then rigorous testing to ensure you are achieving the right melt pool over the right time

How do I know what size wick to use?
What is the difference between CDN Wicks and HTP Wicks?
Why does my wick mushroom?
How do I hold my wick in place?
What size/how do I trim my wicks?
Why are my wicks smoking?
What does it meant by wick up?


Fragrance E-oils

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Gift Boxes and Packaging

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General Questions


General FAQ's

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