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    NatureWax® C1 - Container Wax

    NatureWax® C1 The original patent developed by Michael Richards the inventor of Soy Wax. This wax has been one of the most popular container waxes used in Australia. Marketed in Australia since 2005 a favourite. Has great cold and hot throw very stable wax pours around 43 deg C which makes this wax easy to use, comes in flake form for easy handling. Suitable for Containers, Tealights or melts

    Please Note: When using C1 in melts, it is recomended to blend with a small portion of pillar wax to harden the wax up)

    Nature Wax C1 is one of our most popular easy to use container waxes. Available in 3 convenient sizes

    This wax is one of the most popular container wax used in Australia. Marketed in Australia since 2005 a favourite.

    Here is a link to some great new tutorial video's from our supplier Cargill on the proper use of NatureWax® C3, which can also be applied to NatureWax® C1

    Product Name Per kg Price Qty
    NatureWax® C1 - 1 kg $11.78
    NatureWax® C1 - 5 kg $8.80
    NatureWax® C1 - 22.68 kg $6.70
    NatureWax® C1 x 10 Cases $147.29

    Product Description

    Melt Point 51 degC - very stable in Hot Climates
    Pour Temp 43 to 55 degC 
    Maximum scent load 10% - we recommend approx. 7%-8%
    100% natural plant oils
    Ideal for Containers, tealights, melts



    •   Best for hand pouring but may be run on an automated line.
    •   Can re-melt tops, but not completely necessary as there is minimal sink upon cooling.
    •   No fat bloom when properly cooled.
    •   Good cold and hot throw. 
    •   Compatible with most fragrances, even those not specifically formulated for soy/palm waxes


    Nature Wax C1Review by Marijke
    Love this wax, when melt wax was not available I tried the C1 wax and it worked extremely well. Thanks, great results. (Posted on 24/02/2021)
    TrishReview by Trish
    This wax was so easy to use. My first time making melts and after experimenting with temps my melts are amazing. great scent throw hot and cold. (Posted on 11/01/2021)
    Perfect MeltsReview by Carolyn
    Used this wax - the scent throw is top notch. The melts have a good structure, love the creamy texture . Easy to pour, good setting and settling. I dont use colour but really love the white natural look in the clam shells. Was happy with the 22 kg box come already flaked making it easier to handle, measure and preparation. (Posted on 14/12/2020)
    My first visitReview by Julie
    This was my first order from Candle Supply as I've just begun this amazing adventure!
    I find this wax great value for money, and I love being able to label my candles as 100% Soy.
    I still have to play around a bit, and will reassess the temps tomorrow, and hopefully get a better result!
    I've found my candle making supplier though! (Posted on 6/12/2020)
    GailReview by Gail
    This wax was delivered to me this morning, thank you I only ordered it yesterday. I have no idea what I have done as I have not got one good finish on my candles and it's the first time in years of making melts I have sink holes and an awful top to them. Usually they are smooth and look good they look awful. I've put a heat gun to them not much better and still have a sink hole in one. This has never ever happened before so I don't like this wax at all or I have done something wrong but I have no idea what. I'm so glad I only bought 1 kilo to try. Will be giving all these away. I'm going to try a few other waxes 1 kilo at a time until I find one that suits.
    Thank you for your always very prompt deliveries. With the Stars I don't really know what to put as I don't know if it's me or the wax (Posted on 22/10/2019)
    Very HappyReview by Kylie
    I've been using this wax for 1 year now as I needed to find a wax that would handle well in hot climates. Once I worked out the correct temp and pour I'm very happy. The only thing is this wax does frost a bit so I don't colour it. Thank you for being a supplier of this wax. (Posted on 2/03/2019)
    Great service & company Review by Barb
    I've been using this wax since 2004 with this company I've tried other waxes over the years with other company's and would not use any other wax again you have great service & your staff are so friendly (Posted on 22/07/2014)
    Great waxReview by rocky
    Great value and easy to use. (Posted on 30/10/2013)
    making melts with this waxReview by christine
    i've just recently tried this wax for soy melts, so far i have found the best results are by using half this wax and half ecosoy pillar wax, it is also better if it is not to hot, this method makes lovely shiny melts that pop out of the mold quiet easy. i tried 3/4 nature wax and 1/4 pillar wax but wax getting some frosting. will buy this wax again.. (Posted on 26/10/2013)
    FantasticReview by Chris
    I was buying my wax from another company and I was constantly disappointed, so I gave candle supply a go. What fast service and delivery.I thought I would try this wax, and WOW. It's beautiful to work with and my melts look fantastic. Thank you so much candle supply xx (Posted on 18/12/2012)
    Great wax.Review by April
    Once I worked out how to use it and pour at correct temp, I really love the C1. I get no adhesion problems, no frosting, not much of any problem really, scent throw is great.
    If I have to say a negative it would be pouring in Winter, as I live where it snows and it is very cold, sometime the tops go shitty, but nothing a quick heat gun won't fix. (Posted on 9/06/2012)

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    Product Questions

    Questions on NatureWax® C1 - Container Wax

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    • From Brooke Jackson at 21/08/2015 8:11 am
      • Can this be used for candle jars as well as the melts?
      • Hi Brooke. Yes ideal for melts snaps out of clam shells. Pour slowly at around 42 degC into warm clean glass, wax is quite creamy at this temperature. CS
      • Do you find this question helpful?  Yes   No
    • From Kerrie Blew at 13/04/2016 8:48 am
      • What wick do you suggest using with the C-1
      • Hi Kerry. CDN wicks are ideal you just have to make sure that the wick size is correct for the container you are using. Suggested wick sizes are listed on all of our containers on line. CS
      • Do you find this question helpful?  Yes   No
    • From Bell Little at 8/05/2016 8:19 am
      • Hey i use this wax for all my glass jars is that ok ?
        Also lately only been getting frost , how do I get rid of it
      • Hi Bell,
        Yes, you can use the C1 wax to make container candles.
      • Do you find this question helpful?  Yes   No
    • From Leigh McGregor at 1/12/2016 8:23 pm
      • Hi,
        I was wondering what the best time to put the scent into the wax is for the most intense scent? Thanks
      • Hi Leigh,
        the fragrance should be added after the wax has reached the applicable temperature, then remove from the heat, add fragrance and stir aprox 50 times to mix well
        please also note to use the recomended fragrance percentage, as more is not better
      • Do you find this question helpful?  Yes   No
    • From Naomi Tourni at 18/02/2017 6:37 pm
      • What is the best temperatures for this wax to make melts?
        Melt, add fragrance, pour??
        Thankyou in advance
      • Hi Naomi,

        C1 is a good choice for wax whenever you are making melts.

        Testing is always a must before making large production run.

        For melts, we suggest 10-12% fragrance load.

        C1 - Heat wax to 60-85 degrees
        C1 - Recommended pouring temp is 43-55 degrees`

        Thank you.
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