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    Hi Everyone! we are super excitied to announce that we are finally moving to our new warehouse at Unit 3, 8-9 Lagana Place, Wetherill Park in January 2021, even sooner if we can complete the finishing touches ahead of time!

    Our team has been working extremely hard, day and night, to turn this huge warehouse into our new home, complete with all our stock finally in one place! 

    We now have the capacity for over 3000 pallets of stock, exceptional onsite parking for both customers and staff, much more space for our warehouse and front office teams, bringing far greater efficiencies and faster processing times, as well as a huge hard stand out front for our own container unpacks, which means faster turn around time to get stock into our warehiouse once containers arrive!

    All together, these new premises will allow Candle Supply to be the No1 wholesale supplier in Austrlaia with a massive stock holding capacity and super efficient distribution capabilities

    We really thank all our customers for their patience this year, with respect to the delays we have had with processing your orders. As you can see, on top of trippling our workforce to cope with the massive order volume, we have also been working on the future for Candle Supply, so that we allways have sufficient stock and capacity to process orders in a timely manner, no matter what the volume

    Take a look at these photos which shows a small snapshot of the work which has been going on behind the scenes