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Please note that our showroom and warehouse will be closed for the Christmas break between the 25th of Dec to the 3rd Jan, see details here >>>

    Update 2nd January 2021

    Thanks to alot of very hard work by our team and the patence and understanding of our customers, we have successfully completed the bulk of our move to our new warehouse at Wetherill Park and we are now  fully operational for pickups and deliveries.

    Our Rhodes showroom will remain open as promised until the 8th January for next day pickups (orders must be noted as pickup at Rhodes and be in by 12pm on the day before pickup) and Cash Sales for seconds and discontinued stocks from 10am to 2pm wekdays

    Looking forward to greeting you at our new warehouse and showroom some time soon



    Update 20th December

    It's Sunday night and the move has been progressing as mentioned below, however the rain over the weekend in Sydney has slowed things down significantly and unfortunately, we are not going to be ready to greet customers at the new showroom on Monday as planned. At this stage we are targeting to have partial operational capabilities in place by Tuesday the 22nd at Wetherill Park, while Rhodes will remain open for existing pickups and cash sales

    We will provide a further update tomorrow once we know how we are tracking, regarding the operational capability at the new warehouse 

    As mentioned in the earlier update, this is a mammoth exercise with lots of moving parts and it has been necessary to bring forward our front office move, which includes the transfer of our phone systems. This transfer is taking place tomorrow throughout the day and we have planned for diversions to mobile phones while the system is offline. Please understand that this will take a few hours, so bear with us if we don't get to your call straight away

    Once we are up and going, we will continue to be open, only closing for the public holidays



    Update 14th December

    After all the planning and hard work to set up our new warehouse, the day has finally arrived to start locking in our moving dates.

    We understand that this is a huge disruption for our staff and customers, and we recognise that it will take some time to smooth out any operational issues from the move, however we have broken the move up into phases, in order to limit the disruption an get each aspect of our operations up and going at the new location quickly. The first phase will focus on our warehouse pick/pack operations, and later our customer service and front office move

    The new warehouse in Wetherill Park will provide greater operational efficiencies and benefits to our customers and our team is super excited that the day has finally arrived

    We will be maintaining the Rhodes showroom for a short period, however our capability will be limited to next day pickups and cash sales on seconds items, therefore after the 18th December, we will no longer have the capability to process orders which are placed on the same day.

    Note: orders which are placed before midday the day before pickup and noted for pickup at Rhodes, will be processed and transported to Rhodes overnight for pick up the next day, until mid-January


    Phase 1: Warehouse Operations 

    1. Friday the 18th December

    a) Midday - Cut off for processing of pick-up orders for Saturday the 19th December at Rhodes

    b) 4:30pm - Order processing to cease at Rhodes

    c) 5:00pm - Begin disassembly of all operational equipment

    2. Saturday the 19th December

    a) All day - Continue Warehouse Operations disassembly and move

    b) 10:00am to 2:00pm Rhodes showroom open with limited staff for existing order pickups only

    3. Sunday the 20th December

    All day - Continue Warehouse Operations move and assembly at Lagana Place Warehouse

    4. Monday the 21st December

    a) Critical order processing begins at Lagana Place warehouse for both Shipped orders only

    5. Tuesday the 22nd December

    a) New Showroom open at unit 3, 8-9 Lagana Place Wetherill Park on a limited basis as the team will be working hard to complete the setup following a very difficult weekend of moving in the rain 

    b) prior booked pickup orders will only be available at Rhodes

    Phase 2: Front Office

    a) Customer Service - this is underway and will be up and running at Lagana this week (please bare with us)

    b) Accounts – underway



    Update 1st December

    We are super excited to announce that we are finally moving to our new warehouse at Unit 3, 8-9 Lagana Place, Wetherill Park!

    Our team has been working extremely hard, day and night, to turn this huge warehouse into our new home, complete with all our stock finally in one place! 

    We now have the capacity for over 3000 pallets of stock, exceptional onsite parking for both customers and staff, much more space for our warehouse and front office teams, bringing far greater efficiencies and faster processing times, as well as a huge hard stand out front for our own container unpacks, which means faster turnaround time to get stock into our warehouse once containers arrive!

    All together, these new premises will allow Candle Supply to be the No1 wholesale supplier in Australia with a massive stock holding capacity and super-efficient distribution capabilities

    We really thank all our customers for their patience this year, with respect to the delays we have had with processing your orders. As you can see, on top of tripling our workforce to cope with the massive order volume, we have also been working on the future for Candle Supply, so that we always have sufficient stock and capacity to process orders in a timely manner, no matter what the volume

    Take a look at these photos which shows a small snapshot of the work which has been going on behind the scenes