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    Happy October! How to make a super quick, kid-friendly soap project:

    How to make Spooky Spider Halloween Soaps

    This soap uses Stephenson Personal Care’s Melt and Pour Crystal - HCVS Ultra Clear Soap Base, which is a super clear/transparent base that has the added benefit of pre-added vanilla stabilizer. Vanilla based fragrances will often discolour or darken your soap, so adding a vanilla stabilizer helps keep your soap the colour it was meant to be. With Stephenson’s HCVS formula, there’s no need to purchase additional vanilla stabilizer to add to your soap!


    • A microwavable glass bowl with a spout and stirrer(wooden) 
    • Plastic spiders/spider rings
    • Candle Supply liquid Dye  - Black Colour for Melt & Pour Soap
    • Candle Supply Vanilla Carmel Fragrance Oil (or fragrance of your choice)
    • Silicon Soap Moulds 6 Cavity Rectangle Round Edges
    • Stephenson’s HCVS Vanilla Stabilizing Soap Base
    • Isopropyl alcohol spray bottle

    STEP 1

    As usual, begin by melting down your soap base in 15-30 second intervals in the microwave until completely melted. Cutting your base into smaller cubes will help speed along the melting process. Be sure to always keep an eye on melting soap to avoid it bubbling over and losing moisture!

    STEP 2

    Gently stir in your liquid Colour. The liquid black is to create a spooky, foggy look to the soap. only needed a tiny amount of black (we’re talking maybe just a dip of a toothpick in the liquid colour) of colour block, too much black colour and you might not see the spiders, so it’s better to err on the side of not enough colourant, because you can always add more later. Stir this in until the colour is completely mexed before adding more colourant if necessary. The Black gives the soap a cool “foggy” effect.

    STEP 3

    Add your Vanilla Caramel fragrance oil. 

    STEP 4

    Pour a thin layer of soap into the bottom of your bar mould, (it is important to work quickly–you’ve got soap base drying!) After you have done this, pop in your spider/spider ring upside down (this way when you pull out the soap bar, the spider is facing the correct direction) and continue to fill up your soap bar mold until full. Take note that if the ring isn’t very weighty, you may need to hold it in place to keep it from floating away from the center of your bar.


    Since this is a clear soap base, it is helpful to spray the bottoms of your freshly poured soap with alcohol spray. This helps pop some of those pesky little bubbles that like to form at the bottom of the soap.