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    How to Start a Soap Making Business

    Dreaming of launching your very own soap making business? You have a company name in mind and a strong vision of how you want your business to look. Whether you’ve been making soaps for friends and family, or creating and documenting your soap recipes on a personal soap blog, deciding to turn your passion into your dream business is an exciting adventure.

    How to make soap and how to start a business are two different stages of preparation. While launching your own company is not completely difficult, thoughtful preparation in the initial stages of planning can help your soap making business succeed in the long run. Understanding government regulations may seem daunting at first but for the success of your business, getting these right initially is imperative.

    Outlined below are some of our top consideration points when starting a soap making business. In fact we love making soap so much that we wanted to spread the word.

    1. Learn How to Make Soap

    Learning may seem like an obvious point but to be able to sell your product, you must really understand every step in the process. Also, consider your processes, there are plenty of techniques that you can find in our How to Guides that you may or may not have already tried. You may be surprised to find that there are different soap making methods that you haven’t touched upon before.

    Once you’ve mastered a few of these points, it’s time to develop your own unique formula. Don’t be afraid to be creative, try out different soap bases and combinations of essential oils. You may well stumble upon a winning formula!

    2. Check That You’re Following Government Regulations

    Adhering to government regulations is an absolute must when you’re starting a soap making business, and I’m sure we’re not the first to admit that there is a field of information out there! Knowing your product is one thing but ensuring your soap making supplies meet government standards is another.In Australia the governing body is the: National Industrial Chemical Notification and Assessment Scheme (NICNAS). We found this to be a great resource that lays out the standards that need to be followed.  

    For information on regulations internationally, we found the following links to be useful:

    Governing Bodies:

    • Health Canada (CAN): A Government of Canada webpage on cosmetic regulation under the Food and Drugs Act

    • COFEPRIS (MEX): The Mexican health authorities regulations of chemicals and selling of cosmetics

    Guilds and Societies:

    3. Create Unique Products

    Professional and unique products are what you’ll need for your business to succeed. Making sure your product is perfect before taking it to market is an important part of the process but what can you do to ensure that your product stands out from the crowd? The chance to create your own unique product is both an exciting and daunting task!

    Take advantage of the wealth of information you can find on the internet, do your research and scope out how you can make your products unique to your brand. If you enjoy visual cues, Pinterest and Facebook may be a good place to start. Inspiration can come from storytelling via Blogs and recipe pages, or if you have a little extra time, videos and vlogs may also provide opportunities of inspiration and a unique perspective.


    4. Develop Your Brand

    Creating an appealing and memorable brand is a fundamental step when starting any business, soap making or other! As your company grows, your brand is going to help your customer recognise your unique products and the values it brings. It’s a step that can seem technically daunting at first, but there is so much room for your creative juices to flow, so enjoy it the process!

    If you’re able to enlist the help of a professional, that’s great! But there’s also a wealth of knowledge on the internet, from Wiki-guides to blogs.

    Here are some of our top takeaways when thinking about branding your soap making business:

    • Ensure your brand is visually unique and memorable including the company name, company logo and colour palette

    • Think about how your soaps will be presented including how it will be wrapped, in special papers, ribbons etc.

    • Variations across product ranges will occur but how will you keep your brand consistent across every product and channel.


    5. Determine Your Pricing

    Considering your target market will largely impact the amount you sell your soap for. Will your product be for everyday wholesale use or is it a specialises niche product? How will your soap making products be sold, will you hire staff and will there be any overheads?

    It may take a bit of time calculating what your expenditures are: from your soap making supplies to marketing expenses. Factor these in to ensure that you’re taking into consideration all your expenses whilst leaving you with a reasonable margin.

    It’s also worth getting an idea of what your competitors are charging to ensure that you’re not short-changing yourself, so that your soap making products remain hot off the shelves for years to come!

    6. Selling Your Product

    The exciting part of starting a business begins here. You know what your market wants and you’re encouraged to take the next steps. You have the drive, determination, creativity and know-how to make your new business succeed. Your punchy product names and diverse networks are just the start - now it’s time to sell and watch the sales take off!

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