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    How to use Wooden Soap Cutting Set

    The set includes -

    • 1 x multi function Wooden Soap Cutter with guide and non slip footing pads
    • Inserted Spirit Level
    • 1 x Straight Metal Cut soap gutter with wooden handle
    • 1 x Crinkle Cut metal soap gutter with wooden handle
    • 1 Wooden Toggle with fishing line
    How to use
    step one

    Place you Wooden Soap Cutter set on an even surface, you can check this with the

    spirit level located on the top of Wooden Soap Cutter. Take your soap out of your

    soap log, loosen wingnuts and position the front wooden guide to the

    measurement/thickness you would like your soap to be, fasten wingnuts.


    Step two - 

    There are 2 ways in which you can cut your soap, either partial section your soap log using the toggle and fishing line and then cut using the cutters or using the fishing line as marker.

    Step three -

    Or once you have set up the front wooden guide to the measurement/thickness you require you can start to cut. Candle Supply Wooden Soap Cutter has slits on each side to allow a stable and firm cut.

    Step four -

    For that perfect finish or wanting to create soap shavings, invert  Wooden Soap Cutter and simply slide soap across blade.


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