Important Update on Order Processing Backlogs and Refunds for Out of Stock Items - 15th October 2020 - Please Read

    Update on Backlog Processing 15th October 2020

    Hi to all our customers currently experiencing lengthy delays in receiving your orders.

    Firstly, let me apologise sincerely for the lack of regular direct communication from myself on the current situation and order backlogs.

     We do have updates on the website and both our customer service team and our chat team are fully briefed with daily updates on the processing status, however I recognise that the scale of this issue and length of time it’s taking to clear these backlogs, warrants greater communication about the status and what we are doing at Candle Supply to get your orders processed ASAP

     Please do understand, that our warehouse team is working as hard as humanly possible to get your orders processes as quickly as possible and our customer service team is working equally hard to get to your messages and respond accordingly.

     We really appreciate your patience and understanding that the current situation is not the fault of our staff, but rather massive unforeseen increase in order volumes, off the back of the effects of the Pandemic and other suppliers going out of stock of many similar stock items

    Current status

     Order processing

    As I write this note, our team are processing orders from the 27th of September, so as we currently stand, order dispatch is around 18 days behind

    We all recognise this is extremely poor service and certainly not anywhere near our usual service standards, however we are working very hard to improve this turn around time as soon as possible

     E-mails and chat tickets

    Our team has put in a big effort to catch up on the massive number of emails and are now the oldest email being for the 28th September. I have now asked them to begin working on the latest emails first, with the understanding that many emails are repeat requests and only the latest response from individual customers should be addressed

    We will take a similar approach with the chat offline messages and open tickets, as these are also largely multiple requests, and it makes sense to focus on the most recent request from individual customers


    Unfortunately, our refunds were being held up massively and we had large backlogs, however I am happy that the team jumped in with some all-night & day processing and we are now up to date with our refunds. We will remain vigilant and ensure these do not get behind again, as I recognise that where products cannot be provided, we have a responsibility to return your funds as soon as possible

     Shipping issues

    Lastly with the shipping of the orders, for many months now we have experienced significant delays, missed deliveries and lost items across all the courier companies and whilst our customer service team is there to help with these issues, please understand that they are restricted in what they can do, as they have to rely on the couriers to respond to cases and rectify the issues. We are constantly working with the courier companies to improve the level of their service; however we do understand that they are also under huge pressure with massive increases in the volume of online shopping since the Pandemic began


    What are we doing to address the current situation?


    We have already increased our operational staff 3-fold and are running split shifts to extend our hours of operation. We are constantly employing and training additional staff to ensure we are at maximum capacity all the time


    We are currently restricted with space at our Rhodes warehouse, which is why we had already planned for a move this year to a new facility this year. Unfortunately, this move came in the middle of this Pandemic and subsequent massive increase in demand across the candle industry, which added significant challenges in timing and logistics

    We have now moved the bulk of our stock to this new facility and are in the process of quickly establishing pick-pack capabilities, along with a separate team to process orders

    Having this second site operational is critical to closing the gap in the order processing time and therefore a no1 priority for me and the team assisting me


    Shipping – We are about to go live with the first phase of a new shipping system called Shippit, which is now integrated with our website and will provide improved efficiencies in dispatch and front office processing. This will allow more staff to be deployed in order pick-pack and will help clear backlogs more quickly

    The second phase of Shippit integration will be to provide our customers with added choice when it comes to the shipping provider and service level ie: express shipping which along with providing our customers with a vastly improved level of service, it will also bring efficiencies in our customer service team which will then allow more time to respond to e-mails asap as we should be (stay tuned for updates on this second phase)

     Website – We have also begun to work on re-platforming our website which will also bring an improved experience for our customers, including a much improved and faster mobile offering, along with greater efficiencies for order processing.

    This change is being planned for early in the New Year, so this is just a heads up that this is coming and will not affect or slow down any of the work to close the gap in order processing

    Once again I sincerely apologise for the current delays and the problems this is causing with your business, customers and possibly personal situation and I want to reassure you all that we are working extremely hard to return our service standards for all functions back to normal as soon as possible



    Geoff Blanc

    Managing Director

    Candle Supply Pty Ltd